Diamond tip spring loaded  drag engraving bit tool 3/8" shank
This 3/8" shank  engraving bit tool  makes fine line engraving easy on your CNC mill or router. Its spring loaded design makes it easy to engrave on uneven  surfaces as the tip is under spring tension and adjusts as it moves over the surface.The tip is fully retractable and tension is adjustable for different materials or engrave depth.  This tool is great for engraving materials like trophy plates,fiber board, Brass, aluminum  and any other similar surface. Works on some mild steel as well. This tool works by dragging over the surface, it does not rotate so your spindle will need to be turned off.  Comes with  instructions and re-usable storage tube. Line width +- .005" PATENT PENDING

Replacement tips
CNC engraving tools
Example  cnc engraving 7075 anodized aluminum  using the 90 deg tip ( spots are dust created by the cut) leaves sharp and clean lines for professional results.
  • 3/8 shank
  • Overall length approx  62mm
  • Tip retract approx  8mm
  • we recommend 90 deg tip for most applications

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Replacement Diamond tip assembly  for the  3/8" engraving tool

60 deg sharpest point:  best for harder materials

90 deg general point:  great for most materials

120 Less sharp:  wider engraving line in softer materials
Note on tips. The 60  degree tip  has  the best  penetration in very hard or anodized materials. The 90 deg works well for most applications and  the 120 deg tip provides  slightly wider lines in softer materials such as fiber board but has less penetration in harder materials.
optional heavy tension spring for 3/8" tool
This is a optional heavy tension spring. The stock spring works well for most cases but if you need  more pressure for a deeper cut or harder materials this heavy spring is available. ( caution using to much tension as  tip or tool could be damaged)
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60 deg tip
90 deg tip
120 deg tip
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