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  • How to wire a cnc probe
    General instruction comes with our CNC touch probes. Our probes use a simple 2 wire design as a normally closed circuit. You will configure your CNC controller to "trigger" when it sees the circuit open. As there are hundreds of cnc controllers and they are all different please contact your CNC board/controller manufacturer for specific setup and wiring questions.
  • What feedrates are good for drag engraving?
    We can't give and exact answer to this because it depends on the specific material being used as well as the size of the engraving. But to start out with start slow at around 200mm/minute or 20 inches/Minute and adjust to find your desired results. Going to fast can put too much stress on the tips and cause them to break. Also it is good to use air or a little coolant to clear away the debris from engraving and aid in lubrication so the tip can glide over the material.
  • How to set Z depth
    Z depth depends on how much your material varies in Z height. If your material is flat you don't need much Z depth but if it varies you need to set to where it will hit the lower Z Sections. For flat material surfaces generally .5mm to 1mm is fine.
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