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This 1/2" shank  engraving bit tool  makes fine line engraving easy on your CNC mill or router. Its spring loaded design makes it easy to engrave on uneven  surfaces as the tip is under spring tension and adjusts as it moves over the surface.


The uses for this drag enrgaver and many and they are so easy to use since the z height can be uneven on the material surface since the tip of the spring loaded dreag enrgaver compensates for the uneven surface. No need to try and program the Z height changes in uneven laterials! Our RDZ (retractable depth Z) technology tools with anti chatter design are the easy solution for your cnc router or mill engraving needs.


These tools work great with most all cnc software including Bobcad, Vectric, Vcarve, CamBam, Mastercam, solidworks, fusion 360, Meshcam, camworks, Deskproto, Autodesk and more.


The tip is  retractable and tension is adjustable for different materials or engrave depth.  This tool is great for engraving materials like trophy plates,fiber board, Brass, aluminum  and any other similar surface. Works on some mild steel as well. This tool works by dragging over the surface, it does not rotate so your spindle will need to be turned off. Comes, instructions and re-usable storage tube. Line width +- .013"



  • 1/2" shank
  • Overall length approx   62 mm
  • Tip retract approx  8mm
  • Recommend 75 deg tip for most applications and metals
  • 60 deg tip has a litle more penetration great for smooth metal

1/2" shank spring loaded diamond drag enraver

SKU: 1/2dragengraver
  • Drag tools are like any other thing in the machining world. Sometimes it takes a little practice to get the desired reults you need.  

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