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CNC control relay makes it easy to control spindle, coolant or vacuum or any other 120v device from your CNC machine.


Easy 2 wire connection take your 3-24v signal from your CNC controller to turn on or off any 120v  device up to 15 amps.
This device has on always on outlet, 1 normally on outlet and 2 normally off outlets.


 The uses for this CNC control relay are many whether using it to turn the spindle on or off on a small benchtop lathe, mini mill or small cnc mill, turn on a vaccuum, turn on a coolant mist or coolant pump, turn on and LED light or anything else you want to control thru your cnc machine controller and your GCODE program. Works great with most any cnc programs like MACH3, MACH4, centroid, Tormach or LINUXCNC and more.


Features include:


  •     Opto isolated for safety
  •     120 v power cord included
  •      Easy setup
  •     Master on off to shut down relay
  •     1 normally on outlet
  •     2 normally off outles

CNC spindle coolant control relay

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