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For highly accurate positioning, this cnc machining camera is hard to beat. Multiple tools that come in the Mach3  allow accurate measuring and positioning. The angle slider can also measure the degrees of an angle. With centering adjustments that allow you to accurately align the crosshair center to spindle center, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHERE YOU ARE AT. This is a tool that will let you get more than close enough and is great for measuring and positioning small and hard to reference items. The camera lense ring can be twisted to adjust focus.
Don't have Mach3 or if your cnc doesn't have a integrated Camera  option?
NO PROBLEM  we include a download for  purchase of our camera software ($40 ) to use as a standalone measuring option. But with this option it is not integrated into your CNC controller but it will provide any PC with the ability to use the camera to measure and find center point but you will need to use your CNC controller as usual and use this software on a seperate PC or laptop to view and use the camera.
  •     High Resolution
  •     Adjustable Focus
  •     1/4" shaft.
  • Adjustable LEDs to illuminate the surface

CNC measuring camera

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