Spring loaded diamond  drag engraving bits for cnc mills and  routers

Our diamond tip Drag engraving bits are an economical way to engrave a variety of materials on your cnc mill or router. Whether a desktop mill, mini mill or fullsize mill or router. Our engraving tool is great for Taig , Tormach , Grizzly G0704 ,  Seig mills and all others where a 3/8" shank is acceptable. Works great with the  cnc engraving software  in Vectric , Bobcad , Dolphin cad cam , and any other  cad or cam software that has engraving capability. Unlike a standard engraving endmill, this Tool drags across the surface with its spring loaded diamond tip.

Whether a production shop or a Hobby user for over 10 years our tools have fit thousands of customers engraving needs. From trophy companies, guns and AR15 parts , and part manufacturing all use our engravers to high production and high quality work.

  • Spring loaded design
  • Engraves uneven surfaces
  • Great value for shops or Hobby use
  • Replacement tips available
  • 3/8" or 1/4" shanks available
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Engraving bit tools for cnc mill, mini mill and router PATENT PENDING

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CNC engraving tool for  mill, mini mill and routers

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