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Precision CNC digitizing touch probe
Precision CNC  touch probe with LED.  Digitizing probe and Tool setter touchplate

What sets this  probe apart from all the other probes under the $1000 price range is this probe is precision machined and very accurate. Other Affordable probes on the market are  frankly poorly machined and even if they are adjustable ( some are not even adjustable ) they can't be adjusted to be concentric and true and are simply not accurate enough to do precision work and measuring and have poor repeatability.

This is the highest quality probe you can buy in its price range hand down. Precision machined aluminum body with stainless steel  shank and stainless steel stylus with 3mm ball tip. This probe can be used for very accurate edge finding, center finding and object probing. This tool come with a toolsetter pad so you can remove the Probe stylus and convert to a tool setter.

Works with MACH3, Mach4, Dynamotion, LiNUXCNC, UCCNC or any other CNC control software that has a probing routine and a breakout board that will accept probe input . ( contact your software, controller/ board manufacturer for probe wiring and connections)

As the buyer you responsible for contacting their CNC manufacturer for specific install instructions for your CNC. All CNC controller boards are a little different so we can't provide specific cnc machine control info but we do provide instructions and general wiring diagrams.  We can not accept return on this item if the package has been opened. So be sure you know how to wire it to your system.

Comes with attached shielded cable with 3.5mm jack on the end
Includes 3.5mm female adapter to wire to your controller
Precision machined aluminum body
LED indicates trigger ( LED color varies )
Adjustable concentric screws
Stainless steel shank and stylus
.0002"  unidirectional repeatability
Hard case included for storage
Kinematic normally closed design
Touchpad to use as a tool height setter

Each probe is tested before ship for quality

Probe / tool height setter parts
Contactor $29.99
Tool height setter plate $29.99
Stylus tip $39.99
Click here for Mach3 probing software
Shank $29.99
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